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Happy Birthday, Blog!

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Blogging was always on my heart as this far away goal in life:

“One day, when I have time… I’ll write all this down. Have a blog. Write a book.”

Ever had so many thoughts, not quite sure where to put them? Mine have always been scattered in my head, like a pile of post-its tossed on a busy office desk… OCD alert! Some of them revelations from my time with God, some of them questions, some of them attempting to solve the world’s problems… but the problem remained. They were uncollected, scattered, disorganized and well… unwritten.

The goal of this blog is to inspire courage into your heart, set you with new hope and creative ideas that will ultimately push you forward into your God-given purpose.

So, here it goes. There is no time like today and so it’s happening and I’m thankful to have you on the journey with me.

Leave me a note, I’d love to read from you!